Top 100: Cydia jailbreak tweaks & apps

Zoals je eerder op Techmania kon is het sinds kort mogelijk om je iPhone, iPad of iPod touch te jailbreaken op iOS 7 en hoger. Nu de iOS 7 jailbreak uit is wil je natuurlijk ook wat nieuwe jailbreak apps en tweaks installeren. Zoals we weten is Cydia net zoals de App Store gevuld met duizenden soorten apps en tweaks.

Hieronder hebben we maar liefst 100 populaire Cydia jailbreak tweaks en apps voor je op een rijtje gezet. Neem even gerust de tijd om alles even na te checken en te testen. Er zal vast wel een aantal interessante tweaks en apps voor je in het rijtje zitten.

Let op! Deze jailbreak tweaks kunnen alleen op een gejailbreakte iPhone, iPad of iPod touch geïnstalleerd worden, als je je iOS-apparaat nog niet hebt gejailbreakt, volg dan deze iOS 7 jailbreak handleiding.

App Switcher & Multitasking

  • Auxo: Supercharge Your iPhone’s App Switcher
  • Zephyr: Enable Multitasking Gestures on Your iPhone
  • MissionControl: A Menu Based Multitask Switcher
  • SuperSwitcher: Supercharge Your iPhone’s App Switcher
  • SwitcherCleaner: Micromanage Your iPhone’s App Switcher
  • SwitcherLoader: Rearrange Your iDevice’s App Switcher

Theming & Customization

  • Spingtomize 2: Customize Virtually Every Aspect of Your iOS Device
  • Overflow: Bring a True Cover Flow Effect to Your Dock
  • NoNewsIsGoodNews: Hide the Newsstand folder from iOS 5
  • Motion: Add Visual Effects to Your iPhone Home Screen
  • StatusBarSeconds: Add Seconds to Your Status Bar
  • No Icon Label: Remove Icon Labels
  • Color Profiles: Add Custom Color Themes to Your iPhone
  • SmoothCoverFlow: Enable Smoother Cover Flow Scrolling
  • CustomColor: Change Your App Icon Label Colors
  • UnlockFX: Add New Unlock Animations to Your iPhone
  • Pull To Dismiss: Easily Dismiss Your Keyboard
  • iKeyWi: Add Customizable 5th Row Keys to iOS 5 Keyboards


  • SuperMusic: Advanced Lock Screen Music Controls
  • NowListening: Add Banner Notifications to iPod Music
  • SBMusic: Add iPod Playlists to Your Home Screen
  • NoStoreButton: Remove the Store Button in the Music App
  • SpringPod: Add Individual Music Controls to Your Springboard
  • Recludo: Go Straight to The Music App When Unlocking Your Device
  • AlbumArt on AppSwitcher: Display Album Art in Your App Switcher
  • NowPlayingDetailInfo: Detailed Music Info For Music and 3rd Party Apps


  • Safari UniBar: Add Google Chrome’s OmniBar to Mobile Safari
  • GridTab for Safari: Improve the Tab Experience in Mobile Safari
  • WebOffline: Save Web Pages For Offline Viewing
  • ActionList: Add Sharing Options to Safari’s Reading List
  • NewTabSearch: Force New Tabs to Open While Searching in Mobile Safari
  • PhyScroll: Scroll Web Pages Using Only Your Accelerometer
  • iEagleEye: Add Extra Image Options to Safari And Mail
  • Full Screen for Safari: Enable Full Screen Mode in Safari


  • ZoomIsBack: Bring Tap-to-Zoom Back to the Camera App
  • Unified iPod: Get Your iPod App Icon Back
  • Firebreak: Enable Panorama Camera Mode in iOS 5
  • Snappy5: The Fastest Way to Snap Pictures With Your iPhone
  • Flashy Status: Be Alerted When Your iPhone’s Flash is On

Mail & Messaging

  • SmartFolders: Create Folders and Rules for Mail App
  • AllMail: Bring Better Mail Management to iOS 5
  • Message Icons: Compose New Mail And SMS Directly From Your Home Screen
  • Mail More Photos: Attach More Than 5 Photos to an Email
  • AllMail: Add Mass Mail Options to the Stock Mail App
  • Messages+: Compose and Reply to Messages From Anywhere


  • TwitterTask: Send Tweets From Anywhere in iOS 5
  • AppTweeter: Easily Tweet About Your Favorite App Store Apps
  • Twicon: Invoke iOS 5′s Native Twitter
  • TweetBoard: View Your Twitter Messages From the Lock Screen
  • Infinite Tweet: Native TwitLonger Integration For Twitter App, TweetBot, and Echofon
  • TweetSong: Tweet Info About the Song Currently PLaying on Your iPod

Notification Center

  • IntelliScreenX: The Way Notification Center Should Be
  • NotificationCenter Enhancer: Add Up to 11 Lines of Text to Notification Center
  • WeeSpaces: Multitask Directly From Notification Center
  • WeeSearch: Search Google, YouTube, And Wikipedia From Notification Center
  • WeeSpeeddial: Speeddial From Notification Center With Custom Contacts
  • WeeFlashlight: Toggle Your LED Flash Right From Notification Center
  • WeeRadio: An Internet Radio for iOS 5′s Notification Center
  • RSSWidget: Bring Your Favorite RSS Feed to Notification Center
  • QuickMemo: Take Notes Via Notification Center
  • ClockCenter: An Analog Clock For Notification Center
  • BatteryCenter: Battery Stats in Notification Center
  • FavoriteContacts: Add Your Favorites to Notification Center
  • StatusGoogle: Add a Google Search Bar to Notification Center
  • AppsCenter: Launch Apps Directly From iOS 5′s Notification Center
  • PowerCenter: A Beautiful Notification Center Widget for iOS 5
  • SlideCenter: Add Slideshow Capabilities to Notification Center
  • OmniStat: Add Loads of Statistical Figures to Notification Center
  • Flowtation: A Stylized Take on Notification Center
  • NCQuickDismiss: Quickly Dismiss iOS 5 Banner Notifications
  • NCInstaCall: Make Phone Calls Directly From Notification Center
  • Custom NC Background: Add a Custom Background to Notification Center
  • BlurriedNCBackground: Add a Blurred Background to Notification Center
  • NC Weather Widgets: Add Custom Weather Notification Center Themes
  • More Lines in Notification Center: Read Entire Messages Directly From Notification Center
  • YouTube Search for Notification Center: Search YouTube From Notification Center
  • TubeCenter: Add YouTube to Notification Center


  • Automatic Dictation: Bring a Siri-Like Experience to Your iPhone
  • SiriToggles: Launch Apps, Control Brightness, and Toggle Settings Via Siri
  • OpenSiri: Launch Apps Natively Using Siri
  • Hands-Free Control: Use Siri Without Touching a Button
  • VoiceUtils: Execute Custom Siri Commands on a Jailbroken iPhone 4S

Lock Screen Mods

  • LockLauncher: Launch Up to 9 Apps From Your Lock Screen
  • BounceLock: Add a Visual Bounce to Your Lock Screen
  • ClearLockNotifications: Clean Up Your Lock Screen Notifications
  • LockScreen Multitasking: Open the App Switcher From Your Lock Screen
  • AndroidLock XT: Bring Android 4.0 Lock Screen to the iPhone
  • Ipsum: Easily Clear iOS 5 Lock Screen Notifications


  • Spotfb: Execute Spotlight Commands to Launch Facebook Sections
  • SBStickyNotes: Save Favorites Notes to Your Home Screen
  • OpenBackup: A Promising Jailbreak Backup Solution
  • Update Hider for iOS 5: Silence Annoying App Store Updates
  • CydiaBulletin: Receive Notifications When Cydia Apps Are Updated
  • CommandSpot: Launch Apps and Respring from Spotlight
  • App Stat: Track Your App Usage
  • SwitchSubstrate: Disable All Mobile Substrate Tweaks Simultaneously
  • Preference Folders: Create Favorite Groups of Preferences
  • CallBar: Manage Your Incoming Calls Better
  • AppLocker: Password Protect Your Individual iOS Apps
  • PowerSaver: Execute Actions Based on Your iPhone’s Battery Percentage
  • ProTube: An Alternative YouTube App for Jailbreakers

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