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Sony blij met resolutieverschillen tussen PS4 en Xbox One


Shuhei Yoshida, baas van Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, verwachte al dat de PlayStation 4 grafisch beter zou presteren dan de Xbox One, maar dat er zo’n groot verschil zou zijn had hij niet zien aankomen. Zo draait Battlefield 4 op de PS4 met een resolutie van 900p, de Xbox One moet het helaas doen met 720p. Bij Call of Duty: Ghosts is het verschil zelfs nog groter, namelijk 1080p op PS4 en 720p op de Xbox One.

Since the beginning of this year when we saw leaks [about the specs] of next-gen platforms, we immediately knew since the tech specs on PS4 were accurate that the Xbox specifications were likely accurate as well. So we knew at that point that we had much more raw power. So I was hoping from earlier this year that when games come out from third-parties – because that’s the best example, to look at the same game on different platforms – if there’s any slight performance difference on the two systems I’ll be very happy. I wasn’t expecting something like [what happened with] Call of Duty, 720p versus 1080p – that’s a significant difference. Or Battlefield 4, which is 900 versus 720 – 900 requires 50 percent more pixels to be rendered.

Shuhei Yoshida is van mening dat een betere resolutie niet alleen visuele voordelen heeft, maar ook de gameplay zou erdoor verbeterd zijn:

When you talk to game designers at Guerrilla, they would tell you it’s kind of traditional for shooters on consoles to include some aim assist [function] because of the lack of accuracy of the control and the lack of clarity in the graphics, but with 1080p and the power of PS4 you don’t need that. […] That’s the difference; graphics isn’t just about making things look pretty, but it can make the gameplay better.

Volgens Yoshida zou een lagere resolutie bij racegames helemaal ellende zijn, zo zou je niet goed kunnen zien of de aankomende bocht nou naar links of rechts gaat:

Another example is in racing games, like Gran Turismo, when you see a long road ahead and it curves to the left or right, you can tell what’s coming thanks to the resolution and power of graphics. The improved draw distance gives you anticipation for what’s to come. So the power of hardware and graphics in some areas is actually very related to great gameplay experiences.

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