Sony rolt firmware 3.00 bèta 3 uit voor PS4

Medio augustus maakte Sony bekend dat PlayStation 4-gebruikers zich konden aanmelden voor de bètaversie van firmware 3.00. Het is nu eindelijk zover!


PS4 firmware 3.00 bèta

De gene die Sony heeft geaccepteerd voor de bètafase hebben inmiddels een e-mail ontvangen met instructies hoe je firmware 3.00 bèta voor je PlayStation 4 kan downloaden en installeren.

Om de bètaversie te kunnen downloaden op je PS4 heb je een vouchercode nodig. Als je toegelaten bent tot de bèta kan je deze vinden op de PSNBeta website van Sony.

Firmware 3.0 bèta installeren

Stap 1: Ga naar en log in met je PSN-account.

Stap 2: Aan de linkerkant zie je drie opties staan. Home, Vouchers en Feedback. Druk nu op Vouchers en schrijf je code op.

Stap 3: Pak nu je DualShock 4-controller op en open PlayStation Store en ga naar Code inwisselen.

Stap 4: Voer nu je vouchercode in en druk op bevestigen.

Stap 5: Ga nu naar de homescreen van je PS4 en vervolgens naar: Instellingen > Systeem Software-update > Systeem Software (Beta). Accepteer de voorwaarden en installeer firmware 3.0 bèta.

De bèta is niet al te groot (250,9 MB), binnen enkele minuten heb je het binnen. Je PlayStation 4 zal nu opnieuw starten om de firmware te kunnen installeren, wacht er geduldig op.

Firmware 3.00 Features

Bringing more players together is key to 3.00. New features have been added as well as improvements to existing features which allow players to discover, connect and play more easily than ever before.

A wide range of games played and features used during testing will ensure more potential issues are identified.

There are a variety of new functions added to the Version 3.00 system software that we would like you to try out.

New Ways to Connect

  • Event
  • Community
  • Friend/Group
  • What’s New (Comment/LiveSession)
  • Now Playing
  • Verified Account

Personalization & Expression

  • Share (Twitter Video)
  • Theme (Pre Order)
  • Stickers

Improve Accessibility

  • Social PS Store
  • New Live from PlayStation
  • Request Share Screen
  • Arabic Support
  • Accessibility
  • Parental Control


  • PS Plus (PS+ destination, etc.)
  • PS Music

Beta Limitations

System software limitations of the 3.00 beta Read the following limitations carefully before using the beta.

Live from PlayStation

Only broadcasts by 3.00 beta users are displayed in the broadcast list. When you broadcast on YouTube, comments are not displayed on PlayStation®App. If you try to display comments while you broadcast on YouTube, the message “You must update this app.” is displayed.


Stickers are not displayed on systems without the 3.00 beta, or on PlayStation®App. Instead, the message “—- sent a sticker.” is displayed.

Sign In with Smartphone

This feature is not available.

Share Play

This feature can be used only with other 3.00 beta users.

Requesting to Watch Someone’s Gameplay

This feature can be used only with other 3.00 beta users.

Inviting Players to a Broadcast

This feature can be used only with other 3.00 beta users.


Screenshots you take while the screenshot image format is set to PNG might not be uploadable.


This feature can be used only by 3.00 beta users. You can invite users to a community even if they do not have the 3.00 beta. However, they will be able to see the invitation only on the 3.00 beta. Communities that you have created will be discoverable by all beta users (including public beta users) until the official release of system software version 3.00. Also, communities that are created during the 3.00 beta period will be deleted before the beta period ends. Maintenance is scheduled before the official release of the system software. During this time, communities will not be accessible.

Remote Play/PS4 Link

This feature cannot be used.


Activity types that are new to the 3.00 beta are displayed only on the beta. If you “Like” these activities, a notification will be displayed on PlayStation®App. However, PlayStation®App might not respond correctly if you tap on the notification. During the beta period, if you do not change the [Allow Comments] privacy setting for activities, it will be turned on no later than the official release.


The [PlayStation®Plus] feature added to the function area might not be fully functional during the beta period.

Events The Events feature added to the function area might not be fully functional during the beta period.

Back Up and Restore

Make sure to create a backup of your PS4 before using the 3.00 beta. If you begin using the 3.00 beta and then downgrade to the latest official release, the backup and restore features will not work correctly. You can use the backup and restore features after installing the 3.00 beta. Backup data created with the 3.00 beta can also be used to restore your PS4 after you install the official 3.00 release.

System software limitations after downgrading from the 3.00 beta You can downgrade a PS4 with the 3.00 beta to the latest official release. Read the following limitations carefully before downgrading the PS4.

The content order on the home screen is initialized.

Download links on the home screen (such as for SHAREfactory or Media Player) that you deleted are displayed again.

Some items in [Notifications] are deleted.

Some items in [Discover] that had already been displayed are displayed again.

The [Created with] property of screenshots and video clips is cleared. Due to this, all screenshots and video clips of all the users on the PS4 will be displayed in [Capture Gallery].

Applications and add-ons downloaded while using the 3.00 beta might not be usable in the official release. This issue can be resolved by doing the either of the following

Sign in to PlayStation™Network with all the users who downloaded the content, and then restart the PS4.

Sign in to PlayStation™Network with the user who downloaded the content, then select [Settings] > [PlayStation™Network/Account Management] > [Restore Licenses].

Activities created during use of the 3.00 beta and some settings are stored on the PlayStation™Network server. Notifications related to these activities and settings might be sent even after downgrading to the official release.

Service and repairs while using the 3.00 beta

If your PS4 is in need of service, downgrade it to the latest official release of the system software before requesting service. o If you are unable to downgrade your PS4 to the latest official release of the system software and you request service, your PS4 might be downgraded to the latest official release during the servicing process.

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