DriveClub 1.21-update brengt grote veranderingen met zich mee

DriveClub is inmiddels al een enige tijd verkrijgbaar, maar de ontwikkelaar komt regelmatig met nieuwe patches en updates. DriveClub 1.21-update is inmiddels alweer verschenen en brengt enkele grote veranderingen met zich mee.


DriveClub patch 1.21 brengt onder meer de Sprint-modus, Elite driver levels tot 75 en een nieuwe auto. De update weegt 533MB en is vanaf nu te downloaden.

DriveClub 1.21

  • 12 new ‘SPRINT’ variations of DRIVECLUB tracks for Time Trial & Challenges: Cayoosh Point, Putre, Munnar, Goshodaira, Holmastad & The Kyle (including unique Sprints for the standard and reverse track versions)
  • 10 more ELITE Driver Levels from 66 to 75. All levels have a new reward
  • The Rimac Automobili Concept_One and VUHL 05 are better! We’ve modified the vehicle performance and handling for these 2 cars based on further collaboration with manufacturers and community feedback
  • Adds support for the Thrustmaster TH8PA manual gear shifter (including sequential shifting and clutch support)
  • Car statistics are now detailed on the vehicle select screen: Drivetrain, Engine Position, Kerb Weight and more
  • New default order of cars in the garage/vehicle select
  • Rebalanced the frequency of wet weather and night time events in Random Event
  • Added Club leaderboards to all Tour events in addition to the standard solo leaderboards
  • New option when sending a challenge to filter your Friends list to show DRIVECLUB players
  • Includes general improvements for game performance, stability and usability

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