Grooveshark verandert van domein

Begin mei ging de enorm populaire illegale streamingdienst Grooveshark offline. De streamingdienst had een slepende copyrightconflict met grote platenlabels. Om toekomstige rechtszaken te voorkomen besloten de beheerders om de stekker eruit te trekken.


Een week nadat Grooveshark offline ging, verscheen er een gekloonde versie van de illegale streamingdienst online. De anonieme maker van de onofficiële Grooveshark-versie heeft naar eigen zeggen 90 procent van het materiaal online geplaatst. De resterende 10 procent komt binnenkort online.

Grooveshark biedt de mogelijkheid om auteursrechtelijk beschermde muziek te streamen en te downloaden en was te bereiken via

In een e-mail laat de anonieme maker, die zich zelf Shark noemt, ons weten dat het io-domein van Grooveshark geblokkeerd en offline is gehaald. Shark laat verder weten dat hij niet van plan is om te stoppen, maar verder gaat onder een nieuwe domeinnaam;

Hieronder de betreffende e-mail die wij gisteren hebben ontvangen:


As you know, about a week ago my team and I brought grooveshark back to life at

Quickly, in just a few days we were able to resurrect grooveshark’s former capabilities, playlist and all and we also started developing new features while preparing to release the project in open source.

In this time and especially since we released the playlist feature I started seeing tremendous growth in traffic reaching at peak nearly 1 millions users a day.

I also received numerous emails from developers from all around the globe asking to join us and contribute to this project’s continuation and to be part of the open source project.

Through these emails I’ve already added 4 developers who are actively helping me in launching this project in open source.

This morning, in a brutal takeover that once again show that those who have the “dough” control the world, our domain grooveshark was blocked and taken offline.

They think they can scare us as they did with the original grooveshark… But they don’t understand that that’s exactly why we’re here and we don’t scare east. We won’t give in to this type of bullying.

I have one message for those responsible for this hostile take over: “You will not stop us.

On the contrary! The harder you come at us the stronger we’ll fight, and now after this hit we’re more determined than ever to keep grooveshark alive and kicking.

So to show that, grooveshark is already live in a new domain:

Together with the help of my new team I will release this project in open source even though I know it’s your biggest fear.”

Grooveshark will groove on.


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